YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version 

As one of the popular messaging applications, WhatsApp has a myriad of users. WhatsApp also continues to update the application and create new features and capabilities. But lately there have been many modified WhatsApp applications popping up, or often referred to as WhatsApp Mod. One of them is YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version.

The app brings features not even found in the official WhatsApp app. There are several names of the modified WhatsApp application circulating in cyberspace, but YoWhatsApp is quite popular that invites many users to use it. Eventually, this app is only available for Android users that are known for their ability to install application outside from Playstore.

Here are some information about YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version.

What is YoWhatsApp? 

YoWhatsApp is similar to WhatsApp GB or WhatsApp Plus. This WhatsApp is a mod application developed by a third party, aka not an official application from WhatsApp. According to the YoWhatsApp page or also known as YoWA, it was originally developed by Yousef Al-Basha. That’s why its called as Yo for Yousef.

However, at this time the development of the modified WhatsApp application was taken over by Fouad Mokdad. Fouad Mokdad himself is known to have also developed another WhatsApp Mod application, called FMWhatsApp.

Because it is not official, users will not find the YoWhatsApp application in the Google Play Store application store, or the Apple App Store.  Users can only download YoWhatsApp via the APK file from the developer site only.

Based on information on the YoWhatsApp page, currently the application has entered version 9.35 with the last update on July 25, 2022. YoWhatsApp is claimed to have been downloaded more than 13.8 million times. So what makes YoWhatsApp special and widely downloaded?

Features of YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version

YoWhatsApp itself offers at least eight excellent features. Some of them are indeed absent in the official version of the WhatsApp application. That’s why many Android users are brave enough to put a risk for this app.

1. Theme Changing

First, YoWhatsApp is able to change the theme. So far, the official version of WhatsApp only has one green default theme which is its trademark and updated with the dark theme. But to access the dark theme, the phone must support the features first.

Different with the original app, YoWhatsApp users can change the green default theme with other  colors. It can also download any new theme or even make our own theme. For some themes are not only change the colors of the app, but also its interface that can mimic other messaging app.

2. Longer Video

The second reason why you have to consider this app is because of its ability to send longer videos.  So far, official WhatsApp users can only send videos with a maximum size of 100 MB. While in the YoWhatsApp application, users are said to be able to send videos up to 700 MB.

But you are also have to be careful that it may reduced your internet quota to 0. By using this feature, you can forget to use Cloud Storage to send big files. A very helpful features that is worth it.

3. Security

Third, YoWhatsApp provides a built-in app lock with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.  This makes users not have to bother downloading third-party lock apps to secure chats on their WhatsApp application.

Security and privacy are very important features for nowadays. The original app is lack of these features. That’s why this mod app is catch an attention for users who wants to be more safe.

4. Hide Your Status

Fourth, hide online status. The YoWA application offers a feature called freeze last seen. This feature allows users to stop displaying information related to the time when the user was last online, or opened their WhatsApp. 

In original app, you can hide your online status but you can’t see other users online status too. By using this mod app, you can see their online status although you hide your own. It seems tricky but a very useful features.

5. Advanced Privacy

YoWhatsApp also offers other special privacy. For example, users can hide the two ticks on your message sent and the two blue ticks for message read icon. Same as the previous features, you can still see other users status as you hide your own.

6. Two-in-One Account

Sixth, YoWhatsApp supports dual application. It means that the users can use two different accounts on the same phone. Actually, the official version of WhatsApp on a number of Android phones also has this feature but you have to use special app for these or using WhatsApp Business app.

7. No Root Needed

YoWhatsApp does not require rooting on the phone. Most modified WhatsApp applications require that the rooting process be carried out on the cellphone, so that the application can run smoothly. But the advance mod of this app allows the users to use in unrooted phone.

8. Tons of Emoji and Stickers

YoWhatsApp is said to have a more diverse default emoji and users can easily download emoji packs on the YoWhatsApp site. It also supports tons the stickers so the users won’t get bored. 

YoWhatsApp has many other features include being able to send GIF videos up to 30 seconds, pin 1,000 chats, hide contact names, anti-delete chat and story features, and others. 

Risks of Using YoWhatsApp and How to Solve It

Although it offers several services that are absent in the official version of the application, actually modified WhatsApp applications such as YoWhatsApp also have some risks. Here are they.

1. Your account can be permanently blocked

WhatsApp itself is aware of the existence of a number of these modified WhatsApp applications, and is aware that a number of its users have been using the unofficial version of WhatsApp. For this reason, WhatsApp firmly says that the modified WhatsApp application developed by a third party is unofficial and violates WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.

On the official FAQ page, WhatsApp also threatens that stubborn users using WhatsApp Mod applications such as WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Plus, will be gradually blocked. Starting from temporary to permanent blocking.

Although the name of the YoWhatsApp application is not mentioned on the FAQ page, users who use YoWhatsApp still have the potential to be blocked. Given that the application is also a modified WhatsApp. So it is recommended that you only use this app only your second account since it has the ability to be used together with the original app.

 2. Spying issue

The reason WhatsApp prohibits the use of modified WhatsApp is because its security is not guaranteed. So far, WhatsApp has always prioritized end-to-end encryption security features for all user conversations on WhatsApp.

With the end-to-end encryption feature, all user conversations on WhatsApp will not be able to be snooped on by other parties, including WhatsApp itself. Well, on the FAQ page, WhatsApp says it doesn’t support this third-party application because it can’t validate its security practices.

So once again, use it for your second account to keep your important messages save. Don’t send any sensitive data through the mod app.

 3. Malware threats

Another risk when using a modified WhatsApp like YoWhatsApp is the threat of the application being infiltrated or planted with malicious software or malware. The reason is, users must download applications via APK files on certain sites, not through the official app store.

The site where users download the WhatsApp Mod APK file may be able to embed malware in the APK file. If the embedded malware is spyware, then the application can simultaneously steal the user’s data on the cellphone, such as stealing passwords, PINs, user conversations, e-mails, and others.

This is different when the user downloads the official WhatsApp application in the application store, such as on the Google Play Store for example. In the Android phone application store, Google specifically presents a technology called Google Play Protect.

To solve this problem, please download the apk file for the YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version only in trusted site or in the official site. You may install antivirus to keep your phone save and if it informs any threat, reset your phone quickly.

 Those are the advantages and risks when using modified WhatsApp such as YoWhatsApp. Do you still want to use modified WhatsApp? It yes, here are some information about the latest update.

App Name YoWhatsapp APK
Version Latest Version
Size 52,3 Mb
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Last updated 1 day ago

How to Install YoWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban latest version

Before installation make sure you have changed the privacy settings of your phone so that it allows to install apk file outside the Playstore.

In addition, if your cellphone already has the original WA application, delete it immediately so that the installation process runs smoothly.

When the setup is complete, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official site of YoWhatsApp or any other trusted site
  2. Download the latest apk file
  3. Click on the .apk file that is on your phone.
  4. Then, you will see a confirmation dialog asking if you want to install YoWhatsApp. Then, select “Install”.
  5. Done.  You just log in like using WhatsApp in general.

 That’s the information about the YoWhatsApp. Use it wisely and stay cool with the app.

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