WhatsGold Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

WhatsGold download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version colors the crowd of mod applications on the internet. However, there is something that always haunts the users of the mod version. Safety always becomes an issue. Nowadays, the existence of viruses is the issue center of this mod. Matter of fact, you don’t need to worry. This mod version doesn’t contain any virus. You can take a deep breath and sit down relaxed while using this app. The features are different from the other mods (of course) because each mod has its highlighted features.

The Trend of Using Mods

The users of the mods are from various backgrounds. Students, businessmen, housewives, etc seem to have a big interest in the mod. It then creates a kind of trend in society. They turn from using the original to the mod. Mods have people’s attention.

At a Glance at Whatsgold Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

Before creating this app, the creator surveyed the users. He listed what the users want to do with the app. Then the information is used as the basis to make the WhatsGold. You might wonder who develop this awesome mod version. Let us reveal it here.

Nasser or Altornedo7 is the developer of this mod. We should thank him because we owe big for the additional features that aren’t possessed by the non-mod version. He also did a great job in creating the other famous mods. Have you heard of WhatsApp Plus? That is his work too. His impressive work now is applied to the WhatsGold version with so many things it can do below:

Lock. You can lock your app without a third locking app party.

Complete conversation customization. By using this mod the chat is very flexible and open for configuration. You can set the widget, chat screen, popup notification, etc.

Variative themes and colors. Free your mind to choose a wide range of color and themes option.

Replying to messages automatically. Tired of sending greeting messages? Let WhatsGold do it for you. It has an auto-reply feature that allows you to do that.

Home screen changing.

Pausing the last seen. This is the feature that almost all mods have. Sometimes we just don’t want anyone to know about our last visit to this chat application.

Messages Backup

Scheduling messages. You can set messages to be sent at the time you want. The texts do not have to be sent right away. It’s all according to the time you set.

Chats Customization

Anti Revoke. If the original WhatsApp has a retracted feature to avoid the receiver to read messages, WhatsGold has anti revokes. You will be able to read the message although the sender retracts it.

Group Calls

A bunch of great stickers. You will have a good sticker collection that doesn’t exist in the original WhatsApp.

Access reply by swiping the screen.

Selecting language for operation.

The media can be hidden in the gallery. When you don’t want the pictures you received in the chat shown in the gallery, just hide them.

Choosing a Video Player

Voice calls disabling. The opposite of enabling the call is to disable it. Probably you have a hard time that you don’t want to be disturbed, you can use this feature.

Frozen online status. This allows you to stay online (on the status) when you close the app or away from your phone. This is a welcoming gesture that tells people that you are okay to chat anytime.

Icon variation. You can change the icon and pick the one that is provided.

Hiding the View Status

Hiding the activity status. Usually, when we are writing or recording, there is a status on the top that says ‘writing message’ or ‘recording’. With this mod, it can be hidden. So your chat partner will be surprised when you send the message. They won’t know when you write it down.

Hiding the blue or second ticks. The official one uses blue for reading and double for sent status. Both can be set as you want.

Hiding online status. Opposite of online freeze, this does hide the status.

WhatsGold download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version simple installation tutorial

If you are about to install WhatsGold but are too confused to follow the complicated step, here we provide the tutorial with simple language and terms. We use paraphrase and replace the difficult word to make them easy to understand.

First, back up all your data. It is a standard step for any application if you want to replace the old one with a different version or if you want to change your device. Go to setting >> chat >> chat back up >> wait for the back up process. This process may take a long time (depending on your data). Please wait until it is done perfectly. Aborting the process will cause a failed backup that will make you lose your important data.

Second, uninstall the original WhatsApp version. You can go to the store you download at, press uninstall button. The alternative way is by long press on the WhatsApp icon on the home screen. When the option popped up, choose ‘uninstall’.

Third, download the WhatsGold download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version. Go to the end of this article, and press the download button. Remember that this is a modified version, so it won’t be available on PlayStore. Wait for the download process until 100% done (you can see it from the download manager).

Fourth, allow ‘unknown source’ installation. This is very important that many people failed to install it because they missed this step. Go to setting >> security >> unknown sources.

Fifth is the installation process. To access the downloaded file, go to file manager, and search for the ‘download’ folder. Then, click on the WhatsGold download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version file. Click install. The installation process will be started, wait for a few seconds. The screen will show a notification if the installation is done.

Sixth, open the app. Confirm to agree and continue. It directs you to access the app. Now, type your phone number to import the data you saved before. Press copy WhatsApp data button. Then the last for the migration process is restoring the data by clicking the restore button.

That will be all for installation, backup, and restoration. For further settings, you could continue to fill in your name, display picture, privacy, chat background, etc.

Consideration in Using Mod Version

In a simple world, most people agree that using the original version of something is the easiest way. That is true if what you need is also simple. However, if you enter a more complicated world like business or organization, different needs are waiting for you.

Or if you are aware of your privacy, the mod is the right choice. Whether privacy awareness or business importance, using mod is worth trying. The mood can also be boosted by using unique and creative backgrounds, icons, and the whole appearance. The chat will be more interesting with the cute icon.

When you want a chat application with simple facilities, you could still have it. Turn off some features that you don’t expect to use and switch to the minimum facilities. You can do this because it still carries the original features. It is underlined the difference between those two apps, if you use the original, you just get the limited feature, if you use mod one, you will get both.

Summing up from some reviews (the users) they stated that this mod version is already certified. It reaches the advanced level according to the users. It deserves that because it is useful and expeditious. Mod gives a chance to enjoy an application in an ideal version with individual customization.


The number of users of the mod version is increasing from time to time. The main reason for this is the absence of some features that exist in the mod version. Those two clauses are related to each other. In getting what people want, the developer did a small survey. The data are then gathered to formulate the features and algorithm.

Mod version comes with some stigma. It is common for a thing to come with advantages and disadvantages. However, the issues of the mod version before won’t stop people from demanding it. It is because the issue still can be solved.

WhatsGold is not a scam, but you have to be careful in downloading it. The scam itself might not come from the app but the other party. Before deciding to download, you can do your small research. The most promising way is by reading the reviews. It can be denied that this is still a strong sign that one app or product has a certain quality.

But save your time because we already provide it here. To get the safe app, generate a download link at the end of this article. We guarantee that the link here is free from viruses and other malware.

WhatsGold APK Information

App Name WhatsGold official anti-ban
Version Latest Version
Size 55.5 MB
Total Download 1.000.000+
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated 1 day ago


Get WhatsGold Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version Below and Enjoy All the Cool Features.

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