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WhatsApp Transparent Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

One of the smartphone applications that have the most modified versions is WhatsApp. Besides FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Aero, there is also WhatsApp Transparent which is still in the same developer with WhatsApp Plus. Here are some information about WhatsApp Transparent Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version.

About WhatsApp Transparent

As the largest messaging application, WhatsApp is the mainstay of many people. This application provides a lot of convenience in sending messages and communicating. With various advanced features, sending messages is easier and more practical through this one application.

Although it has offered various features, often people are still not satisfied with what has been given.  The features released by WhatsApp are still not optimal and have certain limitations. This is what third-party developers take advantage of.

Now there are many WhatsApp with modified versions. This version offers ‘more’ features than the official WhatsApp version. These features are indeed tempting, making many users turn to this unofficial application. Behind its interesting features, modified WhatsApp keeps the dangers that lurk its users.

From the name it is clear that the main feature of this mod application is none other than transparency. What is meant by transparent is definitely a see-through theme or look. It can be said that the application that is our main topic this time is an improvement from the previous version, namely WhatsApp Plus.

This application is still new because it was released several years ago, far from other WA mod apk applications. However, the features provided are not inferior to its predecessors, there are even some features that are its main advantages.

If we examine more deeply, WA Transparent is not only from the same developer as WhatsApp Plus, but also Fouad Whatsapp. So it is certain that the WA mod application this time was developed by Fouad Mokdad. Even though it’s from the same developer with the same application to be modified.

But there are many differences that characterize it. The difference lies in its main features which also cannot be obtained from the official version of WhatsApp.

The Risk of Using WhatsApp Transparent

Since the app is modded by developers, that some of them are not always have a good purpose, WhatsApp mod is shadowed by some risks. That’s why we have to be careful with mod app, not only WhatsApp but also any other modded app.

1. The modified WhatsApp application will send and receive messages through the official Whatsapp servers, similar to the official application. However, this is not a 100% guarantee that your messages are safe and untouched by third parties. This of course can jeopardize the security of user privacy.

2. WhatsApp has openly blocked users who use modified WhatsApp. WhatsApp also urges those who are still using these third-party services to immediately delete applications such as GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and install official applications.

3. Modified WhatsApp applications such as WhatsApp Plus contain links to malicious websites that can be accessed by third-party servers. Not only privacy leaks, this kind of application can also be able to install adware on your device.

4. WhatsApp like WhatsApp Transparent, Gold and other WhatsApp mods is not an official application. This makes this modified app unable to update via Google Play. Some of it need you to visit a third-party site to download the latest version of the WhatsApp mod application and then install it manually.

Features of WhatsApp Transparent

Although this transparent WA mod is an illegal application and is prohibited by the official developer, the app is definitely a great app since it has many features compared to the original one. Here is a list of the features that in the future it might be updated with other cool features.

1. Transparent Theme

This features is certain and clearly understood from the name. Even though it is said to be a see-through theme, there are certain parts that are still visible and are not transparent. Thus, its use is guaranteed to be very easy.  Especially if there are several other themes provided, both from the categories of nature, landscapes, superheroes, animals, abstracts, and many more.

2. Better Security Features

The hallmark of the WhatsApp mod apk application is its security features. Almost every modified application provides additional features that are not obtained from the official version. The security in question is that it is possible to lock the chat that is done.  In addition, you can also lock the WA application without additional applications.

3. Better Privacy

Another feature and at the same time an excellent feature of Transparent WhatsApp is privacy.  Many things are given privacy, ranging from hiding online status, typing message status, viewing stories or status without being noticed, and much more.

In addition to those mentioned above, there is also privacy in terms of reading or reading incoming messages. That is, there is no blue check status even though you have read the message.

4. Interface Customization

What can you do with the original WA version in terms of appearance?  Just changing the background? Of course it’s normal. However, when using the modified version, you can adjust the settings of the display. The view in question is the menu or layout provided.  It’s very interesting if you can customize the layout as you wish.

5. Send Bigger Files in Bulk

Sending files can also be done with the official version developed by WhatsApp LLC.  It’s just that the delivery is still limited. For example, type sending photo files, then there is a limit in the number.  Likewise, when sending video files, the limitation is of course in its capacity.

If your needs for sending files are indeed many, there is nothing wrong with using the Transparent WhatsApp application. The number of photos that can be sent in one submission can even reach hundreds.  For video, the capacity for one-time transmission is limited to more than 500 MB, a very large size of course.

6. Anti Delete Message

Have you ever opened the WA application, then found the words ‘Message has been deleted?’. It must be annoyed right? It does happen often and you can’t do anything about it when it’s happening.  The reason is, deleting messages before and after being read by the recipient is the right of the sender.

With this WhatsApp Transparent Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version, you can easily view the message again. The system used is restore which is embedded in one of its features. When you get the message, you just open the settings then select restore.

7. Anti Ban Features

Because this application is considered illegal, the developer provides a special feature as account security. The feature in question is anti-ban, which has been claimed by third-party developers that it is safe to use this application.  However, it is hoped that you remain careful in using it.

How to Install WhatsApp Transparent

The process to download this APK is quite simple by following some simple steps given below:

1. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to have a backup of all the conversations you have with the help of your official WhatsApp messenger app. Or you simply use your second number or making a new account.

2. Next, you have to remove the official WhatsApp messenger app from your device.

3. Next, you need to browse the internet and then have to download the latest WhatsApp Transparent APK. Make sure you download it from official or other trusted sites.

4. As soon as the download process is complete, Install the APK on your device by tapping the file. But before this, you have to make sure that you have allowed your device to download apps from “Unknown sources”.

5. Once done, all you need to do is log in to the app from your phone number, and you’re good to go.

6. Enjoy the amazing features on WhatsApp Transparent.

How to Update WhatsApp Transparent

To avoid the ban from the WhatsApp official, we have to update the app to the lates. Since the app can’t be found in PlayStore, we have to update it manually. Here are how we can update the app. The method is quite different from the installation.

1. First, open the application that was installed earlier.

2. Then, tap the three-dot icon.

3. Select GB Settings

4. Continue by selecting the updates option.

5. Press Check for Updates and wait for the process to run to completion.

6. Please tap download update if the latest version is available.

7. If there is no display or command to download, it means that the version you are currently using has been updated.

Latest version of WhatsApp Transparent

App Name WhatsApp Transpare APK
Version 10.20
Size 42 Mb
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Last updated 5 days ago

WhatsApp is improving every day and offering lots of new features and resources. Currently, Facebook, as the mother of the app is also trying at the top to provide the most advanced features in WhatsApp for better performance.

This article is completely based on WhatsApp and its amazing features, and apart from that, we have also published a remade version of WhatsApp with great features. So download WhatsApp Transparent Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version now and enjoy the same messaging experience with a collection of customizable resources and amazing features.

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