WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-ban Latest Version, Smooth Chatting Experience

WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version is the development result of the original WhatsApp. The modified versions (or mods) are very interesting to use. You might be curious why people prefer WhatsApp mod over the other chat application. As we know, there are so many chat applications. However, not one of them (at least until now) can beat this app. WhatsApp has its throne that hasn’t been given to the other apps. It’s not that the others lack technology, it’s just ‘something’ about WhatsApp.

The users around the globe are so many. The data shows that more than half of the earth’s inhabitants use this app. They seem don’t care about the other messaging apps. They might install the other too, but for sure, they still keep WhatsApp and set this instant message app as the main communication tool. The other messaging apps might have sophisticated features but this app with green dominant color is still the king. To overcome the lack of features, mods are created.

Let us welcome one of the mods, WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-ban Latest Version. Say goodbye to the boring wallpaper, and enrich our messaging experience with the good new mod. Our taste can be expressed freely. Whatever you want to do, you can. In this article, we will reveal the complete information about this.

WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

The other likely mod has been launched and already has so many users. For those who feel that the original one has to be maintained and already tried the other mods, this WhatsApp Prime is the right app. This mod has different utilizing that is maximumly done by the developer. Among so many mods on the internet, we guarantee a special thing with this app.

WhatsApp prime has a distinctive adjustment. It carries the original features with additional features that will impress you. However, to download and run this mod app, please recheck your android version. It has a minimum requirement, so the phone with a lower android version will not be able to use WhatsApp prime. The features are as follows, read the shortlist below.

  • Big size sharing file at the same time (1 GB).
  • Anti-ban system, system has a minimal failure.
  • Good DND, the app has improved on the DND or Do Not Disturb.
  • Hidden feature, WhatsApp Prime also upgrades the hidden feature.
  • Privacy, the features related to privacy are improved.
  • Better user interface.
  • Mirror WhatsApp.
  • Larger video sharing file.
  • Read the revoke message and status.
  • A bunch of interesting new themes.

Basically, this mod improves the whole performance with particular features added.

Detailed WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

Big sharing file at the same time means as it says. Yes, you can share big and large files. At the same time, 1 GB can be sent. This is very useful for those who run businesses in photography, wedding organizing, video making, and other professions that require big file transfers.

Anti-ban. This new mod overcomes some troubles so the app bug will not appear. It is really fun to enjoy messaging without disturbance from the failed system. The conversation will not be interrupted like in the mod before. This is because the developer worked really hard to adjust the updated mod with the updated official one. The app brings the original characteristic so it is guaranteed to be safer than the other mods.

Good DND. By turning this feature on, you can have your time without interruption. You can set which contacts you want to connect with. The voice can and the voice note can be turned off (from all contact or just particular people that you want).

Privacy improvement. If you don’t like anyone to see your activities on WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen. The time written on the app will be one time and never be changed. Besides that special feature, you can enjoy the standard privacy features that are usually occupied on official WhatsApp.

Better user interface. This is actually the summary of all the new features. For example, the big size file sending. It means to make the users more comfortable and erase the obstacle of sending the big file. Before (or in the original one), the file that is sent through this instant messaging will be compressed. The size matters. Now, with Prime, this problem will not bother me anymore.

Read the revoke message and status. Message retraction sometimes is used to hide some secrets. They accidentally blurted out the secret and retracted it immediately. This feature in WhatsApp Prime will avoid you from unwanted curiosity. On the official app, if someone retracts the message, there will be a notification that says ‘this message is deleted. We feel curious and keep wondering what message our friends erase. With this mod, we can read the deleted messages.

A bunch of interesting new themes. One of the fun facts about mod users, they are young, creative, and dynamic. They need a fresh theme that boosts their mood. WhatsApp Prime totally give what they want.

Let us install WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

This awesome mod attracts so many users. Are you one of them? If that is so, follow the guide to smoothly install it. The UI in the Prime mod is not offered by the other mods. Get ready to have this amazing mod.

1. Data Backup

You need to back up data from your recent WhatsApp. Avoid losing important conversations or business appointments by doing it right.

2. Delete the Recent WhatsApp

After the data is backed up properly, uninstall the WhatsApp that you usually used. This is important because having the original installed makes the mod’s installation fail. Click and hold on the app icon then tap uninstall. Another way is by going to the market that provides it, and tapping uninstall. To erase the residue data, clear your phone first. (This is optional to make your phone refreshed).

3. Download the WhatsApp Prime

At the end of this article, there is a download icon. Tap on it to download. Don’t forget to control the progress to know when it is finished. Ensure the download process reaches 100%, otherwise, the file can be corrupted. Don’t abort this operation.

4. Allow Unknown Source Installation

The phone usually set the default installation from the app market. Since it is downloaded from a third party, allowing the unknown source installation. To access the permission go to the setting-privacy-unknown source. This unknown source permission menu can be different for each phone. The other might put this under security. If you can’t find it, you can always use the search button (with the magnifier icon).

5. Installation

Find the apk file from the ‘download’ folder. Tap to start the installation process. See the progress icon. This process can be done without supervision so if you have something to do, just minimize/turn off the screen and leave the phone.

6. Configuration

When a notification tells that the installation is finished, open the app to set it. The first setting is to log into your phone number. The system will send a code number through text to verify, this number is secret so just keep it yourself. Input the code requested, and then you can access your account.

The next step is importing your data. This might take a while depending on your data size. Be patient because it is important to reaccess all your conversations and media. After being 100% imported, you can now configure the display picture and display name as your identity. Then, you can start wandering to your new instant messaging app.

Usually, the first thing to set is the theme and chat background. Then you can try the smart features provided on privacy, large file transfer, etc.

To Be Highlighted

Here are some points of WhatsApp Prime that you should know as the summary of the whole explanation above. WhatsApp Prime is a mod version of WhatsApp with improvements here and there. It can complete a harder task than the official app (one of them is the larger file transfer).

The main differences between this mod and the official version are larger file sharing, better DND, better interface, anti-revoke, better privacy safety, and a wide range choice of themes. You will have a smooth chatting experience. This mod has the best of what WhatsApp can offer.

The third-party developer also makes the mod in a transparent version. If you like to have innovation on your wallpaper, this one is suitable for you.

WhatsApp Prime Information

App Name WhatsApp Prime anti-ban
Version Latest Version
Size 42.7 MB
Total Download 1.000.000+
Requirement Android 4.0.3 and higher
Last Updated 1 day ago

To get the smoothest experience of chatting, click the download icon that appears below. Install and enjoy WhatsApp Prime Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version.

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