Try AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version! Additional Features are Available from the Original Version

The WhatsApp application currently has many users. Almost all mobile phone users also use the WhatsApp application to communicate. Did you know that currently there are many versions of Whatsapp that can be downloaded? One of the versions is AZ WhatsApp. AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version can help you communicate with other people.

Then what is the difference between AZ WhatsApp and the original version? Why is this version of the application recommended for you to download? Let’s see together with the explanation about this AZ WhatsApp.

What is AZ WhatsApp?

AZ WhatsApp is a development application from the official version. Currently, there are several developing WhatsApp applications on the market. These applications are made by developers or are commonly called modders. The purpose of modders developing WhatsApp is to add features that are not available in the official version.

WhatsApp users are also making it easier to get the development application. They only need to download the application in question. For example, if you want the AZ version to work on your phone, then you should try AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version. Why should you choose the latest anti-banned version? Because it can minimize errors when you use the application on your phone.

AZ WhatsApp was developed by Ali al-Zaabi who is an Omani citizen. The features offered in the development application are similar to other development versions. These include YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. To make it easier to pronounce, AZ WhatsApp can be shortened to AZWA.

Modification of the WhatsApp application aims to add features that were not in the original version. AZWA is no exception, which has many superior features. These include status privacy features, larger media delivery, and other features.

Excellent Features of AZWA Latest Version

The latest AZWA version modified WhatsApp application, of course, has features that are no less interesting than other mod versions. The main thing is privacy. For someone who wants WA with better privacy features, you can use AZWA.

With AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version, you can get privacy features that are not in the original version. What privacy features does the AZWA version of the WA mod offer? Here’s the explanation.

1.    App Can Be Locked

For most people, if you want to lock an app then you have to download another app to fulfill that need. But not if you use AZ WhatsApp. This mod app offers app locking without having to download any other apps. This will make it easier for someone to maintain the confidentiality of the conversation on WhatsApp.

AZWA users can lock the application when exiting the WhatsApp page. To unlock the lock, the user can use a pre-set password, pattern, or pin. Thus, chat data will be guaranteed security.

2.    Chat Can Be Locked

AZWA users can protect chats with certain people so that other people can’t see the contents of their chats. Not only locking one chat, but with AZWA you can lock multiple chats at once.

To open the locked chat, the user must enter the password or pin that was previously set. The password entered must be correct. So you can access the chat again. This protection will be very useful for people who want more complete security.

AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version is the right answer for users who want more complete protection. You don’t have to worry about leaking your chat information to other people.

3.    Can Change the Font Type and Theme

AZ WhatsApp has several types of interesting fonts and themes. This modified application has at least 3000 themes and 30 types of nice fonts. For that, if you use AZ WhatsApp, it will give a different impression in terms of appearance.

4.    Able to Hide the Double Checklist Feature

The original version of Whatsapp will display a double checklist feature when the message sent has been delivered. But by using AZ WhatsApp, these features can be hidden. So, it’s as if the message that other people sent to you was not delivered.

5.    Able to Hide the ‘Online’ Status Feature

The online status will appear when you are opening the WhatsApp application. The online status can be seen by your contact friends. However, some people don’t want this feature because of convenience. With your AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version, you can hide this feature.

You don’t have to worry about looking ‘online’ even when you’re opening the app. Thus, this feature is suitable for those of you who want that convenience. You can set this feature yourself when you have it installed on your phone.

Why Choose AZ WhatsApp?

Choosing to use AZ WhatsApp is everyone’s freedom. But you have to look at the advantages of why we recommend this application. Here are the advantages of AZ WhatsApp that you should consider:

  • Features that can hide online status, typing, and recording.
  • The feature that shows the account is always online.
  • Can send large media up to 50 MB.
  • Video status uploads feature up to 7 minutes.
  • Able to hide messages sent (double checklist).
  • Can send 10 images at once even though the high-quality.
  • Chat lock feature available.
  • Available in many languages.
  • Can change the theme and font type as the user likes.

Nevertheless, AZ WhatsApp is unavoidably lacking. Because every modified WhatsApp application has drawbacks. In general, modified applications have the following disadvantages:

1.    Experiencing an Error

The modified WhatsApp application is a development of the original version. This application is unstable, so it has the potential to experience errors when used. However, if users frequently update to the latest version, the risk of errors can be reduced.

2.    Blocking

The development of the WhatsApp application was carried out by an unofficial person. It certainly violates the rules of the official application maker. For that, AZ WhatsApp also has the possibility of being blocked. However, if you do AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) the official Anti-Ban latest version, then there is a small chance that blocking will occur.

Usually, the blocking of the modified WhatsApp application is due to features that are different from the original version. Differences in features that are too conspicuous will cause the modified application to be temporarily blocked. However, users still cannot use the application to communicate.

How to Install AZ WhatsApp on Mobile?

To be able to use this AZ WhatsApp application on your cellphone, you only need to download it first. AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version also ensures users don’t experience trouble when using this application.

Currently, the AZ WhatsApp application has the latest version for you to download, which is version 10.90. To able to download this application, you can click the download button provided below.

Nama AZ WhatsApp Apk
Versi 10.90
Ukuran 45 MB
Update 13/8/2022


Download AZ WhatsApp APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version

In downloading the AZ WhatsApp application on your mobile, it will take some time. If your mobile network is running smoothly, then the download process will only take a few seconds. However, if your phone’s network speed is low, the download will take longer.

After AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version is successful, let the phone install the application. How to? You can go to settings on WhatsApp on your phone. Then select the security menu, and click the Install from unknown source menu.

By clicking on the menu to install unknown sources, then the status of the menu is active. The next step is to look for the previously downloaded AZ WhatsApp application. Click the Install menu to start the installation process on your phone.

Is Using AZ WhatsApp Safe?

Using any WA modification application certainly has risks. You need to consider it first. The use of AZ WhatsApp does not have any guarantee regarding security from anyone. Including from the maker of this mod application. Even though the creator has informed us that this application is safe from being banned or blocked.

However, users of this WA mod do not experience problems when using the application. Even blocking does not occur as long as the user is still using this application. There’s just one important thing to remember. That is, you must always update the AZ WhatsApp application to the new version. Why is that?

Because basically, the updated application has improved features from the previous version. Especially in terms of bugs in the application. Because many bugs were found in the previous application, people had problems running the application. On the other hand, AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version has additional features related to the operating system.

Based on that, AZ WhatsApp has a small chance of being blocked or banned. For that, this mod application is perfect for those of you who want to use changes to your WA. Updating this application is also quite easy. So anyone can do it themselves.


AZ WhatsApp Download APK (Update) official Anti-Ban latest version is a modified WhatsApp application that you need to try. Various features in it will create a different sensation when you want to communicate with other people. The features available are also additions from other modified versions of the application. For that, AZ WhatsApp is no less interesting than other modified versions. So it’s worth a try.

One thing you need to remember when you want to use AZ WhatsApp on your phone. Make sure you download the latest version, so you can avoid errors or other problems. In addition, make sure you understand how to download and install this application. Understand all the risks and advantages of the AZ WhatsApp application before you decide to use it.

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