OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

The popularity of WhatsApp is very high prompting the creation of a modified version. This allows messaging and privacy management, as well as other features that are more dynamic and fun than the original version of WhatsApp. When the modified version of WhatsApp offers a better service, you and anyone else may be interested in information about OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version.

Why is this so interesting? What is not available in the original WhatsApp you can get when you use OGWA? For example, you will be able to “lock” features, hide “typing” and “online” statuses, or send pictures and videos with a larger capacity. Of course, there are many other very interesting features, making it easier to interact with other users, but with a higher level of privacy.

WhatsApp Mod is not just OG WhatsApp or OGWA for short. There are several more that you can safely install, with more advanced features than the original version. Among them are FM WhatsApp, yo Whatsapp, WhatsApp plus, and other terms. WA Mod allows you to use this messaging application with plus-plus features.

What is OGWA and What are Its Advantages Compared to other WhatsApp Mods?

As mentioned in the introduction, OGWA is a modified version of WhatsApp with superior features and privacy services. The developer of this application is not directly related to the original WhatsApp owner, but you can still download and install it safely.

In the following discussion, we will discuss some of the excellent features available on OGWA for a better messaging experience. The use of this WhatsApp mod can even support more effective work, especially when you want to exchange large files.

OGWA is not much different from other WhatsApp Mods when viewed from the features it offers. So, the most important thing is to choose the most trusted developer, so you can access the OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version correctly.

Most Recommended OGWhatsApp Developer

Because it is a modified version that is not directly affiliated with the original WhatsApp, you cannot download it directly through the PlayStore. You have to look for a credible website to get a proper and completely safe download file. Likewise when you want to update this application at a later date. You do this by accessing new files provided by the developer through a credible website.

The interest in finding information about OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version is very high. This situation is widely used by fake developers to create download links that are not valid or even dangerous. As a recommendation, you can choose a developer from Team Alexmods.

The download file is available as a zip so you have to extract it first. Also, make sure your device meets the requirements to download OGWA. That way, the installation process will run smoother and faster. Please click the button below to access the download zip file:

OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

App Name : OGWhatsApp Pro
Version : Latest Version (v20.20.0)
Size : 51.8 MB
Requirements : Android 4.0.3 and up
Last Update : 1 day ago



The Safest and Most Practical OGWA Installation Guide

It is important to know, that this application file is not equipped with play protection. So, the system on the smartphone will detect it as an “unknown file”. For this reason, there are several steps you must take to successfully install the OGWA mod, as follows:

  • Open “Settings” then select “Application Management”. Later, an option will appear to ‘allow to install unknown applications. Tap shift to grant installation permission.
  • Open the download folder to find the saved OGWA APK file. You can also find this file in the File Manager folder.
  • Click the app to install.
  • Follow the installation guide as you would install the application as usual.
  • The installation process will take only a few seconds until finally OGWA can be installed on your smartphone.

After the OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version has been successfully installed, please explore the available features. Let’s read the next description to see an explanation of the features of the OG WhatsApp Mod.

 What are the Features Available at OGWA?

After the installation process is successful, you will get many advanced features to support security, privacy, to more dynamic access in exchanging messages, pictures, videos, and other media. Here are the features that you can enjoy when using the latest version of OG WhatsApp Anti-Ban:


If in the past, the WhatsApp Mod application was prone to be blocked, this time the strengthening system has been further improved. The risk of blocking OGWA will be completely closed because this application is equipped with an anti-ban feature. Even WhatsApp Inc. will not be able to do blocking. That way, you can use this application calmly and stay comfortable.

Calling Unsaved Numbers

Abundant business relationships make you don’t have to save numbers one by one to be able to call them. The process of dialing numbers that have not been saved will be more practical and faster with the available features.

Planned Messaging

You may want to send an important message at a certain time in the future, but when the time comes, you are not online. This feature allows you to create a message of the day to be sent automatically at a certain time that has been set.

Giving Group Names Up to 35 Characters

Giving a group name in the original version of WhatsApp is very limited, which is only 25 characters. When you want to name a specific WhatsApp group, this will require letters and a series of words that may be quite long. OG WhatsApp opens this possibility so that the naming of WhatsApp groups is more dynamic with a total capacity of 35 characters.

Download and Copy Friend Status Features

The status that appears on the original WhatsApp timeline can only be seen and will disappear automatically after 24 hours. By using OG Whatsapp, you can download any interesting status, save it as a memory, can even copy and paste it anywhere.

Whatsapp Locker for Custom Conversations

Everyone always wants secure message protection so that it cannot be accessed by other parties. When the original version does not provide it, then OG WhatsApp provides a locker feature that can protect the application from prying eyes.

Blocking Calls for Specific Contacts

You don’t need to block unwanted contacts so there is no access whatsoever to contact them. Blocking contacts also sometimes creates new problems in friendship. So, you can block calls for certain contacts, but they may not realize that they have been blocked because they can still interact in other ways.

Send Up to 90 Images at Once

Certain times make you have to send several pictures at once via WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the original version only allows sending a very limited number of images at once. By using OG WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 images at once. So, you no longer need to go back and forth to select and mark images in the gallery and make repeated submissions.

Making Longer Words Status Update

If you find a friend who can make long status words on WhatsApp, he could be using WhatsApp Mod, one of which is OG WhatsApp. The original version of WhatsApp limits the number of letters for status updates, which is only 130 characters. But when you use OGWA, the number increases to 250 characters. That way, you can write anything more freely and dynamically to share via status.

FAQ about OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

After listening to the explanation about OG WhatsApp, let’s complete our knowledge before installing it by listening to the most frequently asked questions, here are the answers:

How to Download OG WhatsApp Latest Version?

You just need to click the “OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version” button that we provide to get access to safe application files. Previously, make sure that your smartphone type matches what the application needs, and that the internal memory is sufficient to store and install application files.

How to Install the Latest Version of OG WhatsApp?

After the download is complete, the zip file will be automatically saved in the Downloads folder. The installation process will start automatically and will only take a few seconds. After the application is successfully installed, you can immediately explore its features by checking the settings menu.

How to Update OG WhatsApp Latest Version?

OGWA is a modified version of WhatsApp. In other words, it is not a derivative application of the original WhatsApp, so its development cannot be done automatically, nor through the PlayStore. You can continue to follow this website to get information about WhatsApp updates, as well as get the latest application files for updates.


When you are not quite satisfied with the features and services available on WhatsApp Original, OG WhatsApp is the best solution to maximize messaging, while strengthening security and privacy. Selectively choosing OGWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version will allow you to enjoy maximum service for the mod version of the chat application without worrying about being blocked at any time.

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