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WAPWhatsApp download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version is here to complete your need for a dynamic application. As you see, WhatsApp has been accompanying a lot of people in this world to connect to relatives. They give news and pass all the information through this app. Even business owners also utilize this app to run their business activities.

Moreover, the pandemic that attacks the inhabitant of this earth makes communication offline harder. WhatsApp exists to make every hard thing to become easier. We can imagine if technology hasn’t been like this latest era, the pandemic must have killed almost all businesses. Thanks to WhatsApp which does the best for us.

We Need More

It is not original WhatsApp is not good, we just need something new in the app. The emoji, stickers, and the whole facilities are good but there is always a part of ourselves that thurst of innovation. Instead of waiting for the original one to make an innovation that we can’t guess what it will be, an alternative is ready to color our chatting experience.

If you expect more options on the theme, wallpaper, or chat background, you can. That is the MOD version purpose.

Is the MOD Version a Brand-New Application?

Although the link source and even the size of the application file are different from the original one, that doesn’t mean that mod is completely a different application. Most people are afraid to use mod because they don’t want to lose a chance to use the official application’s features. This is the point that they’re wrong because basically mod is quite similar to the original one.

The difference lies in the additional facilities that will make your application more suitable for you.

It means that we will get the usual features plus the additional ones. We can say that those who use mod are dynamic, energetic, brave, and passionate. So, many people want more facilities but can’t do anything to make it happen. Business doers usually need that stuff. For them, this is very important with high urgency. So, they need a mod app.

How Many People Use MOD?

According to the data, the mod users around the world are so many. It almost touches more than half of the population (plus those who use more than one phone). What can we conclude by knowing this fact is that we need a mod version and are grateful that the developers make them. The mod is not only a single application. It is not like the original one that only one app for all.

There are tons of mod versions. You can pick one that will help you a lot with what you need. If you need a fun conversation on Whatsapp, you probably need a mod with plenty of color collection. If most of your conversation with your colleagues is important and contains secrets, the one with extra privacy can protect your chat.

Choosing MOD

Adding a mod app to your list makes you face a new challenge. So many mods pop on your screen, which one will you choose? Here is a tip to choose one. First, you have to specify what facility you expect. Downloading and installing a random mod without knowing the specification but expecting something that isn’t possessed is nonsense. Second, reading reviews or watching video reviews will give you another perspective. Third, make sure your phone’s specification can accommodate the application.

Choosing an app that requires higher specifications than your phone can handle only brings disaster. The cellphone will not work properly. After all the things mentioned above are fulfilled, then bam you’ll have your mod.

Curious about WAPWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version, Let’s Dig

The developer develops WAPWhatsApp to fulfill what you want. Talking about its specialty, we will show you the complete explanation below.

Using WAPWhatsApp gives you the authority to set the privacy thing. If the other mods only hide the online status, with this mod, when you make a copy of the chat, the time and date will not appear. It helps you to save private information.

About the image sharing, you can turn it off. The picture will not be available for sharing. Any moment of the picture that you don’t want to share will be secured.

Have trouble with the big-size file? Usually, videos have an enormously large size. And to send it, the app cut at once and compresses the size. The HD videos are impossible to be transferred (the received will not be HD anymore because of the size shrinking). With WAPWhatsApp, you can turn off the size restriction. The large file will stay the same before and after the transferring process.

If you hate advertisements that disturb your precious chatting time, with WAPWhatsApp, you will be free from that. Enjoy your intense communication about the fun thing with your besties or focus on your concentration on a business conversation with no irritating disturbance.

About the situation, you can change the size and also the length. You have control over this. There is a tool to count group messages. It will show how many messages you miss when you are away. And of course, the favorite thing about the mod is the cute emoji that is different from that of the original one.

Still in Doubt? Here are Some Reasons Why You Should Try One

Doubt in WAPWhatsApp download APK (Update) anti-ban latest version and many MODs is common especially if you are new in the modified app world. To erase all that feelings, let us read the reasons why people get mod for their chatting app.

We will have so much cooler chat appearance. Talking about style and aesthetics, the mod is very strong. You will be a hit. Getting what we really need. With additional features, we can do what we can’t do with the original WhatsApp. It is beyond our expectations and feels like an amazing thing.

Getting the original WhatsApp facilities. Mod is basically a WhatsApp that is added by innovative features. So, you get double, the original and the new facilities.

WAPWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version Download Steps

These are the steps that are easy to follow. We promise that there are no brainy words that will confuse you. The language and the tutorial are so simple that just takes a few minutes to catch.

For the preparation, back up the chat and all your data in your previous WhatsApp. The information such as business appointments, or chatting about college schedules (if you’re a college student) have to be saved. If you don’t do this, you might regret missing them.

After you’re sure that the conversation and the data are saved securely, say goodbye to your old WhatsApp by uninstalling it. Yes, you have to uninstall it. The new one can’t be installed if there is still a similar app on one phone. Prepare the internet with good speed. The downloading application needs a good signal with good speed. It will take only a few minutes if the two are good.

Now, click WAPWhatsApp download APK (Update) official anti-ban latest version button. The link is available at the end of this article. Wait for the download to be finished. To control it, go to download manager and see the progress percentage.

After the progress reaches 100% go to the file manager to access the apk file. Click on the file. Don’t forget to allow installation from another source (go to the setting and turn the button on). The installation process will be started, wait.

When the app is installed properly, open your new WAPWhatsApp. Sign in with your phone number. Access your backup data and restore it. Although all your data is restored perfectly, the display picture might be lost.

What We Can Conclude?

WAPWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Anti-Ban Latest Version provides the latest facilities that are ‘hot from the oven. By using this mod, you will get all great experience in messaging.

Using the mod version could give you extra facilities. To install it, you have to prepare your phone and follow the instruction correctly. After that, you can enjoy the app. WAPWhatsapp gives anti-size restrictions, control on privacy settings, image sharing control, no advertisement, situation’s length, and size full control, group message controller, and emoji.

The downloading process is also simple. You just have to back up the data, uninstall the recent WhatsApp, provide good internet speed, download the apk file, allow outsource installation and initiate the installation process by clicking the apk file. That simple instruction will be finished perfectly by setting your profile. Then, you’re all set.

The way to use WAPWhatsApp is not so much different from the original one, you just have to be ready for more benefits. This free instant message has already hit popularity (for the original version). People always hope to do more but it seems impossible to have so many additional benefits in a short time. So, when you need more and fast to grab, get the mod version.

WAPWhatsApp Anti-Ban Latest Version Download

App Name WAPWhatsApp
Version Latest Version
Size 40.6 MB
Total Download 1.000.000+
Requirement Android 4.0 and higher
Last Updated 1 day ago


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