GB Whatsapp Download Pro APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version – Whatsapp is considered as a must-downloaded app for every smartphone user. Whatsapp has become a communication tools for many. On the other hand, Whatsapp has some lacks compared to other chatting apps. That’s the reason why the app has modified versions. Here things you need to know about GB Whatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version.

What is GB Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is dominated by green colors and has only one theme, the dark theme. Although now it has been updated with some eye-catching features like stickers and story, bit it is not only the appearance of the app that people wants.

Whatsapp also has many limitations for its features that make users feel uncomfortable to use it in this recent needs. For example the size of the file that users can send through the app is only 50 mb or if it is a video, it is limited to one minute. That’s the reason why some brilliant developers modify the app to go through the limitation. 

One of the best modified Whatsapp is GB Whatsapp. GB Whatsapp WhatsApp GB is a clone messenger app or a modified version of the WhatsApp application. It is a non-official or illegal WhatsApp application. 

This means that this application is not created by WhatsApp and is not available on app stores such as the Google Play Store. The variants of this WhatsApp clone application are very diverse. There is FMWhatsApp OGWHatsApp, Aero WhatsApp, and others. Some users warn about the danger of this app, but others like to use it.

The Benefits of Using GB Whatsapp 

Just like what has been written before, the official Whatsapp app has many limitation, the appearance is boring and lack of features compared to the other messaging or chatting app. So, here are the benefits of GB Whatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version you may consider to be downloaded.

1. Read Deleted Messages

Deleting messages is one of some new latest features in Official Whatsapp. It can be useful for some people. But you can have a cheat move using the GB Whatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version. You can still have this feature turned on and use it in the conversation, but you can read the deleted message from the other side. Cool right?

2. Lots of Themes

Appearance is one of the many Official Whatsapp’s lacks. It can only change the background chat and change it into dark with dark mode. GB Whatsapp has tons of theme to be used. You want to use the app like the way use the iMessage? Simply done. The themes are always updated and you can also make your own theme.

3. Ability to Lock The App

Some smartphone brand allow the user to lock the apps on the phone, including Whatsapp. So you can have more safety to threats. But, what if GB Whatsapp allows you to lock a certain user’s chat? Not the whole app? Sounds promising right? Keep the private section in the private area.

4. View Status in Stealth Mode

Do you like to see others users’ status? Do you want to hide your name on their views? The latest GB Whatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version allows you to browse people’s stories in stealth mode. They won’t see your name on their views. This all will make you a real spy. 

5. Send More Images at Once

The official Whatsapp limits the users to send only 30 pictures and videos at once. You may think it is okay, but with GB Whatsapp you can send more than 40 images at once. It will help you to send pictures in faster way. 

6. Send video files over 40 MB

Whatsapp also limit the video we can send only in 40 MB or it is limited to 90 seconds only. If your video is longer or bigger than that, the app will instantly compress the file then will ask you to cut the video. It is not good for you who rely to send bigger file. 

GB Whatsapp surpass the limit and allows you to send bigger and longer videos. Not only on chat, it also can be applied in the story. Let other users enjoy your story longer. Just try it.

7. Hide online status

Online status can only be seen if the two side of conversation turned the features on. But in this GB Whatsapp, you can have a trick that allows you to see people’s online status while you can still hiding your own online status.

8. Sending files in very large numbers

Not only bigger and longer videos, you can also send bigger size of file through the GB Whatsapp. Make it easier than using the Cloud. Make sure you use Wifi Connection while using this features since the file is so huge.

9. Changing The Bubble and Font

Not only the appearance of colors and wallpaper, you can also given a setting to change the chat bubble and also the fonts. This features are very superb that can change your Whatsapp to be different app.

Don’t worry, there are still many features that the app keeps updating every month. Both modified original features from the official app to the additional features that the original doesn’t have. You  can check it on the official site of GB Whatsapp to find out what else you can do with this cool stuff.

For some information, some of the illegal app’s features like send a message without saving the number is now applied officially in the official Whatsapp. That’s why using the GB Whatsapp is more like using the future Whatsapp itself. If the features are good, the official will absolutely have it in the next update. While us, taste it first here.

The Negative of Using GB Whatsapp 

Since this GB Whatsapp is an illegal app, it has or guessed to have the potentials of negative effects for the users. But don’t worry, you can still use it with no worries using some tricks. Here are they.

1. The Private Data Safety

Some warn that the app will steal your private data. But as long as the app updated, there is or there was no such news for this stuff. So it is actually safe for us to use the app. To make it safer, download the apk of the file only from the official site.

There are many sites that provides the GB Whatsapp, but the security of the app isn’t guaranteed. So make sure you download it from trusted sites or from the official site of GB Whatsapp. To make it more safe, use the GB Whatsapp only for your second number. So you won’t have any damage.

2. You will have to update it manually

Whatsapp won’t allow you to use outdated app version. The will push you to use the latest version. On the other hand, GB Whatsapp cannot be updated via Playstore. So if you want to update to the latest version you have to use the same way like you install the app for the first time.

Next issue about the GB Whatsapp is you can’t have the update as quick as the official app. Because the developer needs to sync the update that the original Whatsapp made with the modified app or the GB Whatsapp. So you have to check it manually every day.

3. Whatsapp Will Ban You

The other warns come from the Whatsapp itself. It is said that the Whatsapp will ban your number and won’t allow you to rejoin Whatsapp if you use the illegal app. It is also hasn’t to be proved yet. Because as far as we know, every latest version of GB Whatsapp has anti-ban. Keep your GB Whatsapp updated and this problem won’t come.

Here are some information about GB Whatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version 

App Name GB Whatsapp APK
Version Latest Version
Size 60.48 Mb
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Last updated 1 days ago

Gbwhatsapp Backup Google Drive

Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (by FouadMods)


Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version (by AlexMods)


Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (by HeyMods)


Download GBWhatsApp APK By XDA (Discontinued Version)


How to Download and Install to Update GB Whatsapp 

GB Whatsapp can’t be found in Playstore or event AppStore. The app is only for Android phones and can only be downloaded from browsers. Here are how to download and install the GB Whatsapp.

  1. First, you can delete or uninstall the official Whatsapp App or let the GB Whatsapp as your second number Whatsapp
  2. Next, download the original WA GB application from the official site of GB Whatsapp,
  3. After the apk file is downloaded, click on the APK file, then select Install
  4. Open the GBWhatsApp application
  5. Register your number to login WhatsApp and verify
  6. Use the GBWhatsApp application

What do you think about the GB Whatsapp? Do you think that the app is promising to be used for more fun? Or maybe you are looking for something else. There are a lot of  modified Whatsapp or Whatsapp mod you can use. But for this GB Whatsapp, give it a try.

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