FMWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version 

The boring Whatsapp App that is crowned as the most downloaded messaging app in the world is known for its slow change. We know that the app has already updated with recent features like disappearing message but it is still boring due to its appearance. That’s why you have to check this FMWhatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version.

What is FMWhatsapp 

FMWhatsapp is considered as one of many Whatsapp MOD. Whatsapp MOD is a modified Whatsapp application. It can be said, this application was built from Whatsapp, but added various other interesting features that are certainly much more complete than the original Whatsapp. 

Whatsapp MOD is an unofficial application. So prone to being banned or error. Therefore, you need to choose the best Whatsapp MOD application. One of the best that always be update to concern with the risk is FMWhatsapp. Before knowing the features it has, let’s see why you can choose this app.

Reasons Why You Have to Download The App 

There are some reasons why you have to consider to change the official Whatsapp to the FMWhatsapp. Some of them are modified features from the original app, but there are also new features.

1. The Appearance

You feel bored with the green white appearance of Whatsapp that can only be changed into black in dark mode? That’s one of the main reason why you have to use the FMWhatsapp. The app has so many themes and it is updated continually. So you won’t be bored anymore.

2. The Features

FMWhatsapp, just like the other Whatsapp MOD, offers you many features that the official app doesn’t even have. It also modified the official app features so you can have more freedom to use the Whatsapp.

3. The WA Business Features

Not only the original Whatsapp features, it also have some Whatsapp Business features such as auto reply message. It will be perfect to use this app.

4. The Length of The Characters

In FMWhatsapp, you can send a message of 255 characters while the original version is only 139 characters.

5. Longer Status

FMWhatsapp allows you to create a longer status when compared to the original version. The users can also easily create long videos for stories, while the original version does not.

6. Hide Online Status

The FMWhatsapp application can also hide online status or always online status, while the original version cannot do this.

Since the app is also protected always be updated with the anti-ban features, you don’t need to worry about getting ban. Just make sure to always update the app to the latest version.

The Features of FMWhatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

1. The application allows users to send files in large capacity

The original Whatsapp app can only send about 60 MB file, but this FMWhatsapp is able to do this kind of thing, by sending file messages in large capacities as well. Not only in large capacity, you can also easily send files in large numbers.

2. You can also easily download other users’ stories

The original app allows you to only see other people’s status or stories within a few seconds. In contrast to this FMWhatsapp allows you not only to see but also download the status of other users. Then make it a collection or even to share again.

3. Applications can hide two blue ticks in messages

When you want to reply to messages from other people in a mysterious way, you can do that on FMWhatsapp. You can read every message you receive without the sender knowing. It’s easy, you can hide the two blue ticks when reading messages.

4. Allows users to read deleted messages

When using this FMWhatsapp application, you can also easily read all received messages.  Including messages that have been deleted by the sender, whether deleted accidentally or even intentionally. So, you don’t have to ask for the message to be sent back.

5. The FMWhatsapp application can also be easily changed to a theme as you wish

FMWhatsapp application users can also easily choose and change the theme of a cooler application. It is also directly supported by a feature that provides many themes and you can change them easily. This means that you can enjoy the latest themes by changing them at any time.

6. Application account security with dual system to use

This application also allows you to use a double security system by creating a password.  Where you can lock the application on your phone so that even if the phone is open the application is still safe. For sure, you will like this one feature.

7. Able you to send many kinds of cute and cute Emojis and Stickers

Not only sending messages using text fonts, you can also use this application to send messages with stickers and emojis in a huge collections. Where there are a large number of stickers and emojis that you can use.

8. Send messages with a wide selection of letters or attractive fonts

Not only the theme, the message appearance of the FMWhatsapp application can also be very pleasant for some users.  Imagine, you can take advantage of the many and varied font choices. You can use it to send messages to your friends or those closest to you.

9. Can make two WA applications in one cellphone

This advance features will be useful for those who wants to differentiate the private number and business number. Interestingly, this FMWhatsapp application can easily make clones in one phone. So you can use 2 Whatsapp accounts at once in just one device.  This will certainly be of interest to you because you can send chats with two different accounts.

10. Able to hide typing process or message typing status

In the original WA version, everytime you reply to messages from other users, the typing process will be displayed. It’s different if you use FMWhatsapp, you can hide the typing status. So you won’t be seen replying to the chat.

11. Many other excellent features

Actually, there are still many amazing features in this FMWhatsapp application, but you won’t feel it if you haven’t downloaded it. Because only with these steps you can enjoy all the advantages of this application.

How to Install FMWhatsApp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version 

  1. First, you have to find the trusted source for downloading the app. Since the app is illegal, you can’t find it on Playstore. 
  2. Download the apk file, then when the download process is complete, proceed with entering the settings menu of the device you are using.
  3. Continue by clicking on the security and privacy options contained in it, then verify the security. You do this by ticking the unknown source option that is displayed on the pop up page.
  4. If you have, then you are back in the folder where you saved the downloaded FM Whatsapp application file that was previously named.
  5. Then click on the downloaded file to install it directly on the application on the cellphone, then just finish the process patiently.
  6. After installing, you can open the application to test the installation whether the application is installed correctly or not.
  7. If not, you can repeat this installation step from the beginning again and don’t miss any points.
  8. After that, the application installation process is complete and you can use the application whenever you want.

Here are the information of the latest version of FMWhatsapp

App Name FMWhatsapp APK
Version Latest Version
Size 61,1 Mb
Requirement Android 5.0 and up
Last updated 1 day ago

Problems You May Face While Using The App

  1. The average FMWhatsapp user complains that the login process is difficult to do.
  2. Then there are other FMWhatsapp problems such as the app isn’t optimal to be used.
  3. Then there are some features in this application that cannot be used smoothly.
  4. Sometimes even the features of this application often activate by itself.
  5. Then another problem is that the application suddenly appears.
  6. And some others.

The reasons of why these problems may appeared are because the app is installed in varied device that has different specification. Even the android version is not the problem of the installation, but the performance of the app depends so much on the device specs.


As you also know, this application was developed by a different party from the original developer of the WA application. So it could be that the process of downloading this FMWA application includes many dangerous viruses such as Trojans and Malware. You have to download it from trusted source.

It is recommended that you use the app not in your main number. Use it as your second account since you have dual account features in the app. So that your main account is still safe in the event of a ban. Also, please use the account wisely and not to do something bad that can cause problems.

May this article can be used as consideration before installing the FMWhatsapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version. Stay safe and stay cool.

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