Download Whatsfapp Download Apk (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

Although it continues to update its features, the Whatsapp chat application still has limited services and features. This is what users feel even though Whatsapp was developed by an extraordinary team of experts. This turned out to be an attraction for developers or third parties to develop similar chat applications by adding features not found in the original version of Whatsapp. One part of this Mod Whatsapp application is WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version. So, what are the benefits of downloading this chat app?

What is WhatsFapp?

There are many types of Whatsapp mod applications that have been downloaded by many users because they want to enjoy additional features. Even so, as good as before downloading it, you need to know what are the weaknesses and strengths of this application. This application is classified as an unofficial application even though it has security for every user.

Because it is not official, users who want to download this application will not find it on the official application provider of apps, games, books, and others. So, you can find it on sites that provide the application WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version download links.

There are many reasons why users are now also using the unofficial version. One of them is because this Whatsapp mod has additional features that are useful for users. Users with the need to send large files or too many contacts choose Whatsapp mod because messages can be sent directly to 600 people. This number is greater than the official version of Whatsapp which only applies to 250 people. For those of you who need the feature to write long Whatsapp stories, then Whatsapp mod is the answer. The number of characters and stories is unlimited.

Another very tempting feature is the large capacity in one time sending video files. You will get a limit of up to 16 GB in a single send. Users can also view messages and stories that have been deleted by the sender. You cannot enjoy these advantages in the official version of Whatsapp. Then why do many people choose to use this Mod Whatsapp application? Because applications with features like this are needed by online sellers, buzzers on social media, or people who want to stalk someone through their social media.

Well, here are some advantages that attract many users. Please understand there may be some points that may interest you.

  1. Reads deleted messages sent by the sender. Sometimes we wonder how the contents of deleted messages. We only find traces when the message has been deleted. With WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version, this message can be read so you know exactly what the message is. Although it looks annoying, features like this are sometimes needed by certain users.
  2. Chat theme is an important thing for people who are very bored with the monotonous look. Customization of chat themes sometimes makes users comfortable using the application for a long time. Unfortunately, this is very limited to official chat apps like Whatsapp. If you want to switch between static themes or dynamic themes, WhatFapp is the solution.
  3. For some users, in-app privacy is important. Not everyone is comfortable with chat content that is easy for others to read. Well, in WhatsApp there is a very helpful feature where you can lock the application.
  4.  If you are an online trader, then this application will be very useful where you can send as many messages as possible to as many contacts as possible without saving them. This will be an efficient way for you to trade.
  5. The next advantage of WhatsFapp is that you can see the WhatsApp status of people in your contacts without the sender knowing it. This is an effective way if you want to hide your whereabouts without being noticed by the status owner. Usually, we are always curious about the status of friends but are reluctant to appear enthusiastic about knowing it.
  6. If you work in a field that requires the ability of the application to send images in bulk, then this application can meet your needs. You can at one time send 50 messages containing image files.
  7. Similar to the point in the feature above, this application can also send video files with a capacity of more than 40 MB in one send. That way, you can send video files more efficiently without being cut off.
  8. If you are the type of person who is insecure, then this feature will be very helpful. Through this WhatsApp application, you can easily hide your online status, so that people who are looking for you will not suspect why you don’t reply to chats or pick up the phone.
  9. In line with the features above, it means that this application can be used to send files in chat rooms easily and save time. That’s why this kind of application is very suitable for use by various users with types of jobs that require faster and more efficient performance.
  10. The last reason is related to the appearance of the chat room. In this application, once installed then you can set the type of bubble according to your will. Of course, this makes the user excited in replying to messages.

That’s the understanding and review of the advantages of the WhatsApp chat application which is now becoming popular. If you feel you need the application, then don’t hesitate to download, install, and use it.

On the other side of WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version. Should users install it? 

No matter how sophisticated an application is, it must have weaknesses and shortcomings. That is also what is in this Whatsapp mod chat application. The most striking drawback is that unlike official applications in general which are easy to find in the Google Play Store, you will not find this kind of application.

The reason is that the Whatsapp mod does not meet the security standards set by Google. Therefore, if you intend to use this application, you can search for it on sites on the internet. Care needs to be taken to determine which source provides this application by prioritizing security. Because the download link for this application is freely circulating, there is a tendency for this application to be very susceptible to malware.

In addition, some users even get blocked from the official Whatsapp. If the official Whatsapp uses encryption, it is different from the Whatsapp mod which does not apply it in maintaining the security of user data.

This is where users must be careful in choosing a source that provides a download link to reduce the possibility of data or chat content being read by the application developer. Below is a WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version which is guaranteed to be safe and free of restrictions.

You can keep updating the app if needed. To install this application, you only need to select the link below. The apps will be downloaded automatically. Follow the instructions afterward to be able to use the app.

Use our trusted sources as we recommend you the link in downloading the application. It is all free and easy to get “WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version”. It may sometimes be that the main link does not work properly as users can catch up on the apps through the alternative link.

App Name WhatsFapp
Version Latest Version
Size 34 MB
Total Download 1,000,000+
Requirement Android 4.4 and higher
Last Updated 1 day ago


Download WhatsFapp APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version

If you need this application and are confused about where to choose it, then the link above will help you. If you have problems downloading or installing, our support team will be there to help. Just contact and describe the problem via the email address provided. The sooner it is handled, the better, and more users can enjoy these premium features and services.


Chat applications are part of the most important applications that all users of any operating system must have. With this application, users can exchange information and files quickly and unlimitedly. Although the original version has been created in such detail, many users still switch to using the mod version which is equipped with many additional features. The reasons for using this unofficial version are also various, one of which is because they want to get more features.

Although popular, this application is not yet available on the official app store platform, so to get it, you have to find a safe and anti-banned link yourself. Be wise as a user because the use of unofficial applications is not only dangerous for the user’s security but WhatsApp as an official application is also authorized to block users. This application also has the possibility of carrying out unauthorized data collection practices. Well, that’s a review from WhatsFapp Download APK (Update) Official Anti-Ban Latest Version, hope it’s useful.

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